Spinnaker & Ivy Puppies – 7 weeks

IMG_0051We have seriously had far too many indoor recesses this past week – but the pups are all  doing well and ALWAYS in good spirits.    The weather has been looking more like January than April these days; this morning with a -20 C windchill the pups were still wanting to go outside….  (I was the one that needed coaxing).  They love to scamper around on our covered deck but they don’t last very long before they start to get chilled and paws get cold…. then back to the boring indoors we go.  I continue to add new toys and chew things for the pups, but truly nothing competes with the great outdoors in their minds!

The puppies had quite a few visitors over the Easter weekend which they thoroughly enjoyed.   They are all very social and love any chance they can have for attention.   They are spending more time awake – with our routine usually starting in the early morning:  I feed them breakfast then take them outside or let them play in the puppy room while I clean up, disinfect their puppy pen and throw bedding and blankets in the wash.   While I am tidying up they are happy to seek out toys, chase each other, check on what I am doing or get into something they shouldn’t (that I haven’t foreseen).  They are at the age now where they love to explore EVERYTHING and leave no stone unturned.  Their motto is: into the mouth first and ask questions later.  We are busy trying to reinforce good chewing choices for the pups and constantly redirect their efforts when they are chewing something they shouldn’t.  (It’s a work in progress!)  They then crash into innocent slumber for around an hour and we start the routine all over again….

Ivy still checks in on her pups frequently although we are trying to further wean her off feeding them as they head into the final week before heading out for new horizons. The pups are all weighing between 11 and 11-1/2 pounds so there is no shortage of food to keep their bellies full.   They LOVE mealtime.

We will be doing our temperament assessments later this afternoon – but I have no worries that they will all score well.   They are a confident and happy bunch – I don’t think their tails stop wagging except to sleep….     We will look forward  to then pairing each puppy with their forever family.

Hopefully there is warmer weather in the forecast for the coming week so we can get outside and maximize every last minute of their final week here with our family.

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