Spinnaker & Ivy Puppies – 6 weeks old

IMG_9532.JPGThe puppies are getting bigger and busier every day.    We finally had a chance to venture out doors on Tuesday and Wednesday as the temperatures warmed up a bit – but today we are back to freezing with snow/rain/sleet here in Muskoka, so the pups have been confined to “indoor recess” once again.     They really loved getting outside and hopefully the ground will start to dry up enough that I can get them down romping around where they can explore  more fully in the days to come.   Unfortunately at this young age a wet puppy equals a chilled puppy – so until the slush and snow dry up a little, we will have to be content with the deck area.

The puppies spend more time awake and are at that stage now where nothing is safe from mouth exploration!  Any and everything that might be at puppy level needs to now be puppy appropriate.   Over the past week Ivy has taken to the habit of delivering any beef bones that come her way and laying them down in the puppy area for the puppies to enjoy (Sometimes she does this before she has even had a chance to enjoy them herself.)   This has certainly given them something much better to chew on!   We have taken the puppy activity box out of the area now as things that were once amusing to run through, bat at and look at are fast becoming tempting chew toys.

The pups continue to eat 4 meals of kibble with goat’s milk and either yogurt, eggs or fresh meat with Ivy visiting frequently throughout the day for snacks.   She is such a good mum and always wants to be a part of whatever is going on with her pups – whether it be feeding, cleaning, playing or re-organizing the play area.  The pups are all weighing in between 9-1/2 and 10 pounds.

They are a content little bunch and there is nothing like starting each morning with their 10 sweet faces and waggy tails to greet me 🙂    We will look forward to getting outside more in the week ahead and meeting and making more friends!!

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