Spinnaker & Ivy Puppies – 5 weeks old!

IMG_9408The pups have had yet another wonderful week!  As much as the cleanup and care of 10 puppies can be a bit over the top sometimes, and the on-going freezing winter temperatures here every day can make a person feel a little disheartened — it’s impossible to ever have a bad day when you have ten darling faces gazing up at you and ready to cuddle at a moment’s notice 🙂

The pups are spending more time awake, playing and interacting, both with each other and our family.   They love to chase each other around and play a rough and tumble form of tag but usually those bursts of energy are short lived and the puppies collapse into a pile of sweetly sleeping babies.   They love to explore and have figured out how to break out of their puppy play area once again – so we have put the final full level door up when we can’t be in the immediate area so that no one gets into unchartered territory and places that aren’t puppy proofed!

The pups are all eating well and are dining on 4 meals a day now, usually of kibble soaked in goat’s milk interspersed with some fresh meat or eggs. They are all hearty eaters and are weighing between 7 and 8 pounds.   Ivy still provides the occasional snack but her role to provide “meals-on-wheels” is becoming less important to the pups.   In the weeks to come she will feed the pups less and less – although she will continue to care and watch over them and even engage in play with them.

For now the puppies are quite content with their play area indoors.  In the course of a day they are also allowed out into the entire loft area to play and explore, but I am hoping that by next Monday or Tuesday when warmer weather is forecasted we can get outside for some fresh air on our big covered deck.   Fingers crossed we will break out of these frigid temperatures soon so that the pups can continue to explore the even bigger world outdoors!

We will look forward to watching these adorable babies continue to grow both physically and in character over the week ahead!!


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