Spinnaker & Ivy Puppies – 4 weeks old!

Big changes this week in the life and times of Ivy’s little family!!   We added on a large extension area for the pups to play in and although the pups were quite tentative to explore the space initially, they have now embraced the new space and have quite a lot of fun playing with the toys and making use of every square inch.   The one main attraction in the larger space is our activity cube.   This is a large plastic cube structure with various treasures suspended from the upper bars (spoons, balls, mobiles, metal cups) … something that I started using a few years back as an additional way to introduce new sights and sounds to our puppies.   I have always believed that puppies need to be exposed to a myriad of sensory experiences during their time here with us…  In my opinion the first 8 weeks of puppyhood are like building the foundation of a house, both in terms of health and mental well-being; if you don’t do things right in the first 8 weeks the foundation will be faulty and even your best efforts after that can never repair things completely…   Anyway – long story short I like to make sure our pups are surrounded by lots of things to stimulate their senses in every aspect.  Even something as simple as clanging spoons and metal cups starts building a comfort and confidence in a young puppy that can’t be taught at a later age…

The pups are all gaining well and are all weighing in between 5-1/2 to 6 pounds now.    Most of the girls are on the lighter side of that scale (which is natural) but there are a couple that are determined to keep up with the boy’s club 🙂   In any event they all truly enjoy their food and are eating 4 meals of mush and kibble during the day along with side snacks a la Ivy.   Ivy is such an amazing mum — she will sit at the side of their eating area and watch OH SO patiently while they eat their meal.  Only when they are all finished (and starting to pass out) will she enter their little eating area and lick up whatever is left (and lick up whatever the pups have covered themselves in).

The pups are becoming much more interactive with our family and are SWEETNESS personified as they scamper up for cuddles or attention whenever they hear someone’s voice.   Clearly it would be easy to spend the entire day just sitting in their play area and being a part of their world — they are really a darling bunch and love everybody and everything.

We will look very much forward to watching the pups as they continue to grow in confidence and character in the week ahead!

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