Spinnaker X Ivy Puppies – 3 weeks old


Just TOO cute!

Ivy’s pups have had another wonderful week.  They are now spending more time awake than last week and their awareness of the world around them, and the people in their lives is becoming more and more acute.   They still spend a great deal of the day sleeping, but when they are awake they toddle around the whelping box and climb over toys or fellow littermates – almost always looking for something to eat…   Ivy is still the centre of their universe but they love to cuddle with our family as well and come scampering to the entrance of the whelping box when they know we are near.

Generally the pups are a pretty quiet bunch, except for the heightened squeals when they anticipate mealtime which is usually around every 3 hours.    Things at the milk bar are now “standing room only” – but fortunately we are at the 3 week mark which means most puppies have reached the next stage of development where they can “lap up” milk, not just suckle it.    So we officially started a new chapter in the smorgasbord of puppy meals today and the pups did fantastically.   We introduced the puppies to their first platter of puppy mush – which consists of goat’s milk, yogurt, eggs, honey, and a bit of liver water (for the taurine) and although they ended up wearing almost as much as they ate – they did seem to quite enjoy it.   Of course afterwards the pups spend a good 15 minutes licking each other clean – and then Ivy licks the pups clean a second time!  It certainly did not take any convincing at all to get them interested in this new menu item so we will have a great week ahead continuing with the puppy mush – and we will gradually add in some ground meat and eventually a bit of ground kibble.   I’m sure Ivy will appreciate a bit of a relief from feeding duties (although she will still nurse the pups as we transition to solid food and even beyond that). The pups are all weighing around 4 pounds now and Ivy has done a wonderful job of keeping every happy and bellies full.

We will look forward to watching the puppies interact even more with the world around them over this next week and by the weekend we will add an extension onto the whelping box so they have more room to roam and play.

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