Spinnaker & Ivy Puppies – 2 weeks old


The puppies have had another great week and continue to sleep and eat – and sleep and eat – and grow.    They are all weighing around 3 pounds now and things are definitely starting to get crowded for Ivy at meal times.   Ivy has recently developed a new technique to feed the pups whereby she sits up when the pups are nursing – that way there is lots of space for everyone to find a spot!  The pups almost appear to hang from Ivy as they jockey for a position at the milk bar – but everyone seems quite happy with the new arrangement and bellies are always full.  The pups have an endless appetite and if Ivy has been away from the whelping box for any length of time they squeal and yelp with great delight as soon as she is close enough for them to smell that meals-on-wheels has arrived!    We will have one more week of Ivy providing the main course and then we will very slowly start to introduce the puppies to some puppy gruel as they begin their transition towards solid food.

The pups spend a bit more time awake these days; they seem quite aware whenever I come and sit in the whelping box – although they are usually more interested in checking out any exposed fingers or toes I have to see if maybe I might be a source of milk too!!   They have enjoyed checking out the stuffed toys that are now in the whelping box and I’m sure their curiosity will continue as we add more and more toys and objects to peak their interest in the weeks to come.

The biggest achievement of this past week is that the pups now see the world with open eyes!!  They can’t really see much more than fuzzy shapes at the moment – but it still is a wonderful thing to be able to look into the sweet faces of these puppies and have them looking back at you!!  The pups had their first nail trim already this past week and a couple of them have already learned how to escape out of the whelping box – so we now will have the little door in place that keeps everyone safe and in one spot (for the moment).   Ivy is enjoying her walks a little more every day and has graduated to sleeping just outside the whelping box as it is getting both too crowded and too warm for her in there.    In the weeks to come we will move the puppies to a larger area – but for now they are content in a smaller space where they can snuggle together and are familiar with the scents and sights.

We are enjoying every minute with these little beauties and feel so very lucky to be a part of these early weeks.


4 comments on “Spinnaker & Ivy Puppies – 2 weeks old

  1. Mary Ann Aczel says:

    Very exciting that the puppies eyes are now open! Can’t get over that some of them already had learned to be escape artists! Lol! No wonder you had to close the door to the whelping box!

  2. Fonda says:

    I love reading your litter stories…i wish i could be in that whelping box with you.

  3. christina says:

    Well it would be a little crowded with all of us in there – but it sure would be fun!!

  4. sue ellen bellet says:

    precious puppies….are you still doing videos ?

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