Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 8 weeks old!!

IMG_8941The puppies have had a wonderful week.  How could they not?   They are such a cheerful and happy bunch.   They greet every day and every person with a wagging tail and a full heart.   Rain or shine, no matter what the day brings they are ready to make the most of it!

This week the pups have increased in their playing and interaction with each other and with every individual they come in contact with.   They don’t miss much and are a very observant and interactive bunch.   Even when we’ve had a long play session together or have spent time together – they really don’t like being left alone anymore (in their puppy play area).  They long for human connection and attention whenever they can get it.

We had a busy day today with baths, microchipping, our trip to the vet and then the health exam itself.   All the puppies did very well.   They are always the stars of the show when they arrive at the clinic.  They were very curious and interested to see the other patients at the clinic and of course loved meeting all the technicians and doctors.

By the time we arrived back home in the afternoon the pups seemed quite exhausted from the excitement and quickly sought out a nice shady spot to enjoy a nap.

Tomorrow the first of the pups will begin to leave and it will be time for me to hand over these precious little bundles to their new families.    As a breeder you think that saying good-bye will someday get easier but it never does.    I fall in love with each of these little darlings a 100 times over in the 8 weeks they are here with us and letting go is hard.     The only thing that makes their departure any easier is seeing the great joy that they bring to their families.

So we wish you the very best, little ones, as you start this next new chapter in your lives.   It has been a privilege to the be the first one to hold you and love you.   Fare thee well ❤



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