Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 7 weeks


Every day is a beautiful day!

Sparkle’s puppies have had a great week.   They are becoming more active and expressive and their little personalities are starting to emerge a little more all the time.  They spend more of their waking hours playing with each other and are also much more interested these days in whatever I am doing.    If I am sweeping up – they are right there.   If I am cleaning up their blankets and sleeping area – they are right there.  If I am gardening – absolutely there and ready to help.   If I am making meals for the adults – again I have 4 sets of very sweet brown eyes watching me intently.

All the pups are very friendly and easy-going and the highlight of their day is always any time spent with people.   In their opinion, I don’t think there as any such thing as “too much” when it comes to the love, cuddles and snuggles department.

We have had a number of hot days here and the pups have decided that their new favourite place is the shady area underneath my husband’s work trailer.   I can usually coax them out for some short play periods running on the grass or exploring the garden – but they quickly return to the cool shade of the trailer area and seem to enjoy finding just the right spot there away from the hot, summer sun.   Of course they have their own puppy play area as well – but they usually like to be out wherever the action is.

The pups are continuing to develop and grow well – their coordination is becoming more refined with each passing day.   They are all weighing between 10 and 11 pounds with the girls on the lighter end of the scale which is to be expected.

We will have an exciting week ahead with temperament testing, microchipping, baths, a trip to the vet and all the other outdoor adventures that each day brings.     I will certainly be savouring each moment with these little beauties as we head into their final chapter here with us….


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