Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 6 weeks old!!



Sparkle’s pups have had a great week and are becoming even more adorable with each passing day – if that is possible!     They are all weighing around 9 pounds now and are enjoying their daily meals of puppy kibble and goat’s milk – with the occasional delicacy on the side of raw beef dinner or duck dinner.   Sparkle still provides the occasional evening snack but the pups are fairly comfortable now with waiting on my offerings when it comes to meals.   In typical golden fashion they love, love, LOVE their food!

The weather has been all over the map this past week so we have tried to make the best of it.   The pups spent most of the weekend on the covered deck to keep them out of the rain with a couple of daily trips through the lawn and garden area – which kept them very happy and entertained.   Evenings of course they come indoors but they love being outside during the day irregardless of the weather!   Yesterday we moved the pups to the bigger puppy area next to the rock wall which they immediately explored and made their home.     They love all the sights and sounds of the new area; they especially love the mornings when my husband is loading up his truck for the day’s work and people are coming and going and showing the pups all kinds of attention.    The pups absolutely love any and all snuggles and cuddles 🙂

Sparkle continues to be a great mum and always enjoys playing with her pups….   Every golden mum is a bit different but Sparkle is one of those mums that just dotes on her pups completely and loves spending as much time with them as she can.   It is heart-warming to watch her play and interact with her pups.    She is indeed a special girl.

The pups are spending much more time awake and playing these days – they are a happy and inquisitive bunch.   There is not yet much to note as far as differences in temperament – but over the next 2 weeks we know that there will be subtle changes to observe.   However – with parents like Hugo and Sparkle – we know that we are set for a wonderful, lovable, easy-going crew.

We will look forward to the week ahead and will be hoping for lots of sunny days so the pups can have lots of time outdoors to explore the world they find so fascinating!


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