Hugo & Sparkle’s pups – 5 weeks old



Sparkle’s puppies have had a very adventurous weeks full of firsts!!
Even though the weather has been a mixed menu of clouds, rain, and I think that golden ball in the sky might be the sun? – the pups have had a chance to venture into the outdoors which they have completely embraced and enjoyed.  Firsts have included: first time outside, first time hearing thunder, first time on gravel, first time on grass, first time hearing wind chimes, first time seeing robins on the ground, first time going potty on newspaper…. you get the idea 🙂

With all of the wet weather the lawn areas have remained fairly soggy and buggy so we have spent isolated periods down on the grass and in the balance of time the pups have enjoyed lazing around on our front porch overlooking the garden.   They love watching people come and go, birds and insects busy in the garden and the fish that occasionally jump in the pond.  They are fascinated by everything so it is a great joy to watch life unfold through their eyes.

Sparkle only provides an am and pm snack now – but she continues to watch over her precious babies and play with them whenever the time is right.   The puppies are all weighing around 7 pounds now so they are clearly doing well and thriving on their smorgasbord of Sparkle’s offerings and puppy kibble soaked in goat’s milk.

The pups are continuing to gain confidence in the world around them. We try to introduce them to as many new sights and sounds as possible and they are gaining in leaps in bounds in terms of being comfortable with whatever each day brings.

We will look forward to another adventure-filled, exciting week ahead!!


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