Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 4 weeks old


Hmmmm – I wonder what’s for dinner tonight?

Sparkle’s four musketeers have had a great week.   They are spending more time awake and are much more aware of their surroundings and the people in their lives.     They get quite excited whenever they think that meal time is pending and equally excited when they know that humans are around to play, cuddle or snuggle with.

The pups are becoming more and more mobile and although their steps are a little wobbly at times,  they still manage to scamper around the whelping box with increasing surety.    Sparkle is now providing “meals on wheels” services and no longer lays down with the pups when its time for them to eat.    She is never far from the puppies but prefers to cruise in and out of the whelping box to make snack time a quick event especially now that the puppies have teeth.   Thankfully the pups have also started on Puppy Mush.    If you see any kind of sticky substance on their faces these days – that would be Puppy Mush.    Apparently it is just as much fun to walk in, lie in and wear puppy mush as it is to eat it.     The pups have been enjoying this delicacy for a few days now and are still working on refining their manners  – but they seem to always gobble up every last bit of it.   Puppy Mush is the way that we transition the pups from Sparkle’s milk bar to solid food and consists of goat’s milk, yogurt, baby pablum, egg and honey.      Over the next week they will rely less and less on Sparkle as Puppy Mush and eventually puppy kibble and other treats become their mainstay.

Hopefully we will get the pups outside this week – if we ever get a sunny day!!    Most likely we will move out to the covered porch later today as they are outgrowing their original space indoors and with all the rain we have had it is just too wet and buggy anywhere else.     I’m sure the pups will be up for the adventure no matter where we end up!!

We will look forward to an exciting week ahead with new sights and sounds and bigger living quarters!!


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