Hugo & Juliet’s Puppies – 8 weeks old and setting off for new horizons!


Ready for anything!

The puppies have had yet another marvellous week and have grown in their enthusiasm and zest for life.    They look more and more forward to visitors and time I spend with them — truly there are no longer enough hours in the day to give all 5 of them the attention they crave.    So as much as it is bittersweet to say good-bye – I know that they are now ready and needing the one-on-one love and care their own family will give.

We continue to have a mixed menu of weather so the puppies are in and out and all over but they love life no matter what any day brings.    They are all weighing between 13 and 15 pounds now so they are chunky little pups and they never turn down an invitation for dinner.

The pups invented two favourite games this week.    The first one was the “Climb and Retrieve” game which involves climbing into my newspaper basket (filled with newspaper I use for part of their puppy pen) and retrieving sections of newspaper – either to distribute and scatter throughout the play area randomly (the goal is to create as much mess as possible) or to carry around in their mouth like some prized possession (or occasionally to tug and rip up with some fellow littermate/partner in crime).    The second game was the more popular of the two – “Capture the (flag) Pink Cloth”.   I somehow left the cloth I use to wipe down the eating area in a spot just within reach of one curious pup and before you knew it the pup grabbed the cloth and all the pups were madly chasing after the coveted pink cloth.     This went on for quite some time – and was resumed again later in the afternoon when the cloth was rediscovered.   Apparently a pink cloth is a much more valued prize than any other toy in the toy box!!   The pups had quite a time chasing and chasing whoever happened to be the lucky one with the pink cloth.     I’m not sure why I spend money on puppy toys sometimes!

The puppies have really been a delight to raise these past 8 weeks and they are such a sweet and happy bunch our home will seem empty without them.     My hope is that they will bring that same joy, love and laughter into each and every life they touch from here forward.    We certainly will miss you, little ones – but a piece of our heart goes with you wherever you go.


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