Hugo & Sparkle Pups – 3 weeks old


Growing in leaps and bounds

Hard to believe that Sparkle’s little cuties are already 3 weeks old!!   Seems like just yesterday they were making their grand entrance into this world – tiny and scantily clad, eyes closed and not even able to hear….     What a long way they have come!

Sparkle’s puppies still spend the majority of their day sleeping but they do have periods of being awake where they interact with our family or stumble around the whelping box with their awkward steps – usually in search of Sparkle and their next meal!

They are still very primitive in their movement and only scurry a few steps before finding a comfortable position to lay or roll around.   Sparkle is still the centre of their universe as she is the primary source of meals — however beginning tomorrow we will start to introduce the pups to “puppy mush” which is marvellous blend of goat’s milk, honey, yogurt, egg and baby pablum.   As much as the puppies like me now – I will become their ultimate best friend once they know that I am the keeper of the “puppy mush”!!

The pups are all weighing between 4 and 5 pounds and sometimes seem to gain almost overnight!    It will be interesting to see how they adjust to puppy mush this week after being so catered to with Sparkle’s devoted milk bar.

We are looking forward to an exciting week ahead as the puppies become more interactive with the world around them!



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