Thoreau & Tia’s Pups – 8 weeks young and ready for the next chapter….


The morning greeting committee….

I’m not sure exactly where the last 8 weeks have gone but here we stand at the threshold of a whole new chapter for the pups.     The life we have all known together for the past 8 weeks is about to transform into something completely different.  We wish these pups the very best as they embark on this new adventure.    I know they are well-equipped to begin this next new chapter of life with their families and I can hardly wait to hear about all the shenanigans, laughter, new encounters, new friends and great moments that these pups will bring to those that love them.

It has been a VERY, VERY rainy week here – so if you know what indoor recess is like for school-aged children –  it has been somewhat of a similar week here, puppy style.    Even though the pups have lots of room to run around indoors there is really nothing that compares to long walks and long play periods outside!!   The pups still spend small amounts of time outside even on the rainy days – but truly they look forward to the sunny days where they can run and frolic in the sunshine.

The pups are spending a great deal more time awake and love to explore the gardens and grassy areas of our property.    Their latest fascination is with the area underneath our front deck and they have discovered exactly how to squeeze past the lattice to get under the deck and retrieve any treasures from years gone by.  Strangely enough their most favourite toy of late has been a single half-empty water bottle that is paraded around like a treasure of gold by whichever pup is lucky enough to have claimed it.

The pups had their first vet visit yesterday which went very well and all the puppies passed with flying colours.    Of course the entire clinic comes to a standstill when the puppies arrive — They are such a cute bunch I know they could stop traffic anywhere!  The pups all weighed in between 13 and 16 pounds with the boys of course being at the higher end of the spectrum – I am still convinced they are raiding the refrigerator at night when I am not looking!

These puppies have certainly been a happy, affectionate, confident, easy-going bunch and I am going to miss seeing their smiling faces every morning.     I only hope that the future will hold the very best for each of them – and that they will bring great joy and happiness to each of the families they are adopted into.

May the legacy of Thoreau and Tia live on brightly in these little ones.    Fare thee well.