Hugo & Sparkle’s Puppies – 2 weeks old


They say the eyes are the window to the soul….

Sparkle’s pups are all doing well and thankfully are not living in the hole that Sparkle dug for a den (back when her puppies were due) as they would have been flooded out by now with all the recent rain!   The most exciting development over the last few days is that the pups have now opened their eyes.   This is always one of the most anticipated parts of puppy development for me – as it seems like the puppies’ personalities and character starts to shine through the moment you can gaze into those big brown eyes.     For the most part, the pups can only see blurry shapes at this point but their vision will continue to refine and mature over the next few weeks.    They can also hear now and are spending a little less time sleeping, although naps are still very high on their priority list.

Sparkle continues to be a great mum and watches over her little family with great care.   The whelping box sometimes gets a little too warm for her so generally she sleeps just outside the entranceway of the puppy area where her pups are still in full view.    She plays for short periods of time with her older golden friends but always hurries back to be with her pups.

The puppies are all weighing around 3 pounds now and Sparkle is quick to provide them with a meal whenever they start to give any hint of being hungry.    Fortunately with only 4 puppies there is always lots of room at the milk bar and everyone’s tummy is always full.

We will look forward to this next week as the pups start to spend more time awake and interacting with the world around them 🙂


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