Hugo & Juliet’s Puppies – 6 weeks old


Four out of five…. One is just a little camera shy

Juliet’s puppies have had a great week.   We have been playing musical romping spots as the rain has really limited any length of time out on the grass and even when we are able to go out and explore the grounds are so saturated with water that every step is a slushy, mucky one.     The pups are always up for anything and as long as we’re together they don’t seem to care in the least whether the sky brings sun or rain.

The pups are spending more and more time awake and are becoming more inquisitive with the world around them.   They have enjoyed being introduced to the adventure cube – a cube-like structure with all kinds of toys and noise-makers tied to the upper beams.   It’s all a part of their socialization and helping them become accustomed to different sights and sounds.    They have discovered that everything from an empty water bottle to a garden glove can become a play toy :-).    They are such a sweet and happy bunch that it is hard to tear myself away from them to get anything else accomplished!   It’s actually quite amazing that I get any other task completed with so much cuteness competing for my attention.  Fortunately they do still spend time sleeping which is when I slip away and try to get other work finished…

The pups are weighing between 9 and 10 pounds right now.   They are enjoying their kibble soaked in goat’s milk and the regular daily snacks from Juliet.    Juliet is starting to concern herself less and less with feeding them and now is more interested in engaging in play with them – which is a delight to watch.

We will look forward to the week ahead and hope that we will have lots of sunny days to get out and do what pups love to do.   Play and explore.


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