Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 1 week old


Sparkle caring faithfully for her pups

Sparkle’s pups have had a peaceful and uneventful week – which is exactly how we like it at this age.   The first week of life is always the most fragile and I tend to breath a grateful sigh of relief when we make it safely through the first 7 days.   Fortunately with a smaller litter there is plenty of milk at the milk bar and plenty of room for everyone so mealtimes are very relaxed and manageable.    The pups are weighing in at around 2 pounds now which is double their birthweight.   They are all gaining well and seem quite content.

At this stage the pups do not yet have the benefit of all 5 senses – so we will be looking forward to the coming week where a whole new world will come alive as they gain their hearing and their eyes open for the first time (usually around day 12).

The pups spend most of their day right now in dreamland, with the exception of scurrying to find Sparkle in the whelping box whenever the dinner bell rings.    This next week will still be a fairly sleep-filled one; the pups are growing in leaps and bounds and their biggest requirements right now are sleep and food! and more food and more sleep!

We will look forward to what the week ahead has in store.


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