Hugo & Juliet’s Pups – 5 weeks old


Full of life and love!

Juliet’s puppies are at a wonderful age where everything is new and exciting and the world is one big adventure.     It is amazing how much they have changed even since a week ago; their hours spent in dreamland and cuddled in sleepy heaps with siblings are being traded for adventurous times awake outdoors, exploring the world around them.

They are playing more with each other and toys – and love being outside on our front deck where they can watch people come and go and marvel at birds, squirrels, the other adult goldens and whoever else comes into their line of sight.      With all the rain we have had in the past week the large covered deck is the perfect spot for them as they seem to prefer being outside where all the action is despite the weather – and this way they remain safe and dry.

The pups are all weighing now between 7 and 8 pounds and are eating a combination of puppy mush/goat’s milk with a bit of soaked kibble mixed in.   They absolutely love meal time and Juliet also tops them up with the occasional milkshake so their tummies are always full.   Juliet continues to be a vigilant and caring mum and watches over her family night and day.

The puppies are a very happy bunch and seem quite content to adapt to whatever the day brings – whether it means exploring outside in the sun or sitting up out of the rain.   Later today we will move to a bigger play area for evening/sleep time as they have outgrown their puppy area in the music room and will need more space for these last weeks.     They will have fun with the new space as it brings with it all kinds of new toys, sights and sounds.   Never a dull moment in the life of a puppy!

Hopefully the week ahead will deliver lots of sunshine and we can explore more of the world that awaits!



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