Thoreau & Tia’s Babies – 5 weeks old


Ready for anything!!

Tia’s pups have had an amazing week!!   They are first and foremost becoming more adorable by the minute and it has been wonderful to see how enamoured and attached they are becoming to our family and the special people in their lives.    They are a happy, waggy bunch and love, love, love spending time interacting with whoever crosses their path.

We had a couple of monumental milestones this week.  The pups moved to a much bigger play area on the weekend and now have all kinds of toys and items to broaden their perception of the world.    Of special interest is their “Puppy Adventure Box” where we have hung all kinds of miscellaneous items like balls, metal spoons, garden ornaments and other toys to intrigue the pups and challenge their interests.    They have quite the time running through the adventure box and making all the toys swing and ring or bang.   Fortunately they are all a pretty confident group and this will only help build their confidence to face new sights and sounds in the future.

The puppies also had their first play session outdoors….  They weren’t sure quite what to think at first with the bright sun, the open air and the funny feel of the grass underneath their feet – but they had fun running and chasing each other and then quickly collapsed into  a deep sleep.

The pups are all weighing around 8 pounds now and are eating a mix of goat’s milk, oatmeal, yogurt, honey, egg and a mix of different raw protein sources.   They have also had a small amount of ground kibble with goat’s milk this week which they had no trouble finishing to every last morsel.

The pups have especially enjoyed the families that have visited over the past 2 weekends.   I am pretty sure that if they could talk they would say that meeting and snuggling and playing with all of these new friends is the absolute highlight of their week.   They are a very affectionate and sociable bunch and it has been a treat to watch them blossom into the beautiful young pups they are becoming!

Tia still keeps a watchful eye on her little darlings and stops in for the occasional snack – but her role is becoming less with every week.   She is spending more time with her adult friends and allowing me to care for the pups in whatever area they need….    With the nicer weather I know she will be happy to get outside on the lawn and play a little tag with her pups in the week ahead.

We can’t wait to see how this next chapter unfolds in the days to come!


One comment on “Thoreau & Tia’s Babies – 5 weeks old

  1. Sue Ellen says:

    Beautiful pups Christina!🐶

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