Sweet Juliet – the home stretch


Juliet – taking a break from knitting booties and preparing the nursery….

Exciting times, or should I say even MORE exciting times are just around the corner for our Dreamkeeper family as we head into the final stretch of Juliet’s pregnancy.    Juliet is doing very well and just like Tia is an “old pro” at motherhood so she is entering this last stage of things with calm assurance and a very easy-going outlook.   The pups should be arriving next week; right now (in utero) they still have substantial growing to do, but basically by this time all of the major organ and skeletal foundations have been laid and are almost ready for the outside world.   The puppies by this stage have started to grow a coat of hair, toenails are forming, tails are wiggling and the puppies have started to look like little dogs – although in my humble opinion they still look quite prehistoric when they are born.     Puppies are born without any sight or sense of hearing – their entire world right now consists of the sense of touch and anything that they might feel through the warm and cozy surroundings of Juliet’s tummy.    Not that there is ever a shortage of belly rubs to go around – but these tummy sessions are especially valuable at a time like this as it already prepares the pups to welcome human touch.

Juliet is still enjoying her walks although they are growing a bit shorter with the increasing weight she is carrying.   Swimming is a bit higher on the list of activities as it allows her to float along with ease….  and she is never one to turn down a time to splash around and retrieve a ball.     She is eating more food these days to sustain the little lives growing inside of her and we ensure that she gets the best nutrition possible with lots of variety to give everyone a healthy road ahead.

This coming week we will shuffle around the living arrangements so that Tia’s GROWING pups have more room to play and easy access to the outdoors (if spring ever returns).    Juliet will take over the puppy nursery and we will make sure everything is ready for the arrival of her precious pups.

The rest of the golden crew just loves watching everything unfold and is always ready to help with every task – especially if it involves puppy toys.

Exciting days await!


One comment on “Sweet Juliet – the home stretch

  1. Barbara depew says:

    Thank you for the update on Juliet. Our family is so excited! The kids will be over the moon when they hear the updates on Juliet. Thanks Christina!

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