Thoreau & Tia’s pups – 3 weeks old


A picture is worth a thousand words

The pups have had a wonderful week.   As much as it would be easy to write volumes about the pups as the stars of the show today – I just wanted to take a minute and applaud Tia for her exceptional care and mothering skills.   I know most would think that motherhood comes easily to goldens – but this is not always the case.   Plus there are good mums and then there are extraordinary mums.    Tia would clearly fall into the second category.    The love and care that she shows to her pups is really just an extension of the love and care that she shows to EVERYONE – her two-legged family especially.  She truly is an amazing girl and shows unparalleled devotion and loyalty in every situation.   You may not realize it but by this stage of the game all of Tia’s darlings have sharp little teeth (which send many mums heading in the opposite direction) and these same cuties can be rambunctious and ravenous when it comes to meal time.    But Tia handles it all with calm and ease – she is willing to do whatever her pups require.  I am so very thankful for the way that she dotes on her pups day and night and for the complete joy it is to watch her interact with her little family.

The pups have all had a great week and are blossoming just like the daffodils that have made their appearance here after the long winter snow.    Each day their eyes seem just a little brighter and they seem just a little more aware of the world around them.    They look inquisitively into my eyes when I talk to them – and react to the sights and sounds of life in our home.    They are becoming more mobile every day and their steps that once resembled those of a drunken sailor are becoming more and more sturdy and sure.

The pups have all gained well and are weighing in between 4 and 4-1/2 pounds with the boys being at the heavier end of the spectrum.    We had an exciting milestone today as we introduced the pups to their first taste of “puppy mush” – a delightful blend of goat’s milk, yogurt, oatmeal pablum, honey and an egg 🙂    The pups were unsure for the first few slurps but quickly decided it was a yummy treat and lapped up every last drop, along with any little dribbles that were left on siblings.      In the week ahead the pups will receive increasingly more meals of “puppy mush” as the demands for food become too much for Tia.   Eventually we will add in some solid food as well – but the key is to always make any change gradually.

We will look forward to the week ahead as the puppies become more  interactive with our family and the world around them ❤


2 comments on “Thoreau & Tia’s pups – 3 weeks old

  1. Nathalie says:

    Thank you for taking time to inform us about the Tia and the puppies!

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