Armani X Nina Puppies – 8 weeks old

Sweetness X 2

Sweetness X 2

I always look at 8 week old puppies with wonder when I consider how far they have come in 8 short weeks!!   Hard to believe that the same bunch that are now scurrying through bushes and over the lawn were arriving one by one, fragile and helpless only 8 weeks ago!

The pups have had a great week and the weather has certainly supported their adventurous side.   They have a “home base” underneath the shady birch tree just off our deck area – but they love to venture off to the pine trees or down by the lake to see what treasures they might find.   Sticks have really become the object of choice this week – although they seem to be entertained by just about anything that they can fit into their mouth and carry around.    The warmer weather this past week brought to the forefront the pups’ excavating skills and they quickly learned that creating a fresh hole in the garden, just behind the boxwoods is a great way to fight off the mid day heat!

The pups all had an excellent visit to the vet this week and even enjoyed the car ride.   They are always a big hit at the clinic and everyone stops what they are doing to take in their cuteness.    Visiting pet families at the clinic also dote on the pups — so it is always the highlight of the week.

The pups have all continued to mature over this past week – becoming more attached and observant where our family is concerned and listening much more intently to commands and  conversation.   They are an extremely intelligent bunch so I will be excited to hear where their new paths will lead them.   Hopefully they will remember their time here with fondness and we are sincerely grateful to the very loving families that will take over from here and give each of these pups a meaningful life of their own.    We are sad to start our goodbyes to these little pups – but can’t wait to see how much joy and laughter they bring to their new families in the days to come!


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