Armani X Nina Puppies – 7 weeks old

Enjoying the great outdoors

Enjoying the great outdoors

Nina’s pups have had a great week with lots of time outside exploring and playing.    They have broadened their horizons and now spend time playing beneath our big pine trees and down by the water.    They always seem to find some new treasure, whether it be a pine cone, a twig or even a large leaf.     Finding a treasure usually leads to a large game of chase as whoever has the coveted item is now the focus of all attention!    The pups seem to enjoy every minute of every day no matter where they are are what the day entails.

The pups are all gaining well and weigh in now around 11 pounds.   Nina still insists on providing occasional snacks and will easily jump over the wall that surrounds the puppy area to check in on everyone and linger so her pups can dine when the mood strikes.

The puppies have spent lots of time in the kitchen with family and friends this week as they become more dependent on human interaction and affection.   It is also important in their development that they get used to all kinds of sights and sounds – so the kitchen and adjoining mud room introduce them to lots of sounds; pots banging, vacuum cleaners buzzing, washing machine churning, doors , people, music….  They greet every new situation with a wagging tail.

We will look forward to this final week ahead with the pups – relishing every last snuggle and cuddle; watching them mature and grow and dreaming of the great lives that will be waiting for them with each of their new families.