Gulliver & Abby’s Puppies – 4 weeks old !!!

Exploring the outdoors with mum

Another week has flown by with lots of new and exciting adventures for the puppies !!   Probably the highlight of the week was the pups’ excursion for the first time outdoors.   Yesterday we introduced the pups to the big wide world and they LOVED every minute of it.  Although they seemed to self-limit their play area to the shade (due to the hot day) they managed to find lots of things to play with and had a great time exploring under the big birch tree.    Mum Abby was never far away and seemed to enjoy the fact that they could all play and spend time together in the cool grass.

We also moved the pups from the living room out to the sunroom (which is just off of our kitchen) so that they have double the area to play in when they are indoors.   It also gives them easy access to the outdoors – which is a nice move for the pups now that they are getting bigger and spend more time awake.   They have been introduced to more toys and play things which keep things interesting for them during the waking hours.

The other big news this week was the introduction of “mush”.   I think Abby was probably the happiest to see this transition as the puppies now have sharp little teeth that make nursing a bit of an endurance task for Abby !   The pups didn’t need to be asked twice to dine on something a bit more solid than mum’s milk…. and although for the first few days they seemed to wear more of it than they actually ate — they are quickly getting the hang of things and always enjoy meal time.

The pups are all gaining well and are quite consistent across the board — although the girls are a wee bit smaller than the boys as is usually the case.   They have spent an increasing amount of time this week playing and interacting with each other and also seem more aware of our family.  They love to be picked up and cuddled and quickly come running whenever they hear my voice 🙂  

We look forward to another great week ahead and will be hoping for nice weather so that we continue to spend some time outdoors every day….


3 comments on “Gulliver & Abby’s Puppies – 4 weeks old !!!

  1. It looks like they are all on the move now! Abby is looking great too. We look foward to the pups continued development.

  2. Ryan & Gretchen Tremblay says:

    The puppies look fantastic and what a beautiful face Abby has.
    We are so excited, we are counting the days until our visit.

    Best to all,
    Ryan & Gretchen

  3. Nathalie says:

    Hi Christina! Just beautiful!! Tks for keeping us up to date!! When can we pick up our puppy? tks. nathalie et Pierre

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