Gulliver & Abby’s Puppies — 3 weeks old !

Abby's "sleeping beauties" at 3 weeks old

The story of the week has definitely been the incredibly hot weather that we have been receiving.   For the most part the pups didn’t seem to mind much but by the hottest day (Thursday) they were starting to complain a little (as we have no air conditioning — and the area where they are situated in the living room can get quite toasty in the afternoon sun).   Fortunately it only took the slight breeze of a fan to make everyone happy again !

The pups continue to grow and gain weight at a steady pace.  They are all around 4 to 4.5 pounds now with the girls being slightly on the smaller end as is usually the case.    They spend a bit more of their day awake and love to roll around and play with each other.  They are getting quite good at walking and are very mobile in their awake time.   They are very aware of mum Abby whenever she is close by and meal time is most definitely still their favourite time of the day.

Abby is spending less time with the pups which is completely normal at this stage and has enjoyed spending more time out running with the others or swimming in the lake.    The third week is always quite demanding on a nursing mother as the puppies are completely reliant upon her as a food source and you can imagine the needs of 30 plus pounds of puppies for milk !!  Today the fun begins and we will introduce the pups to that wonderful concoction we fondly call “mush”.   I think the pups are completely ready for a little taste of solid (or almost solid) food as Mr. Blueberry and Mr. Bean have both been caught climbing into Abby’s dinner dish the last few days !

The puppies continue to change in appearance – almost from one day to the next so it seems.  They all have beautiful faces and that gentle expression through the eyes that is one of the most endearing traits of a golden retriever in my opinion.  It will be exciting to watch them gain more experience in the world around them as they grow this week….


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