Gulliver & Abby Puppies — 2 weeks old !

Seeing things in a whole new light !

Abbys puppies had a busy but quiet week…..  Busy growing and maturing, busy sleeping, busy eating — but very quiet in comparison to Daisy’s 8 week old pups that were departing over the past week….   For now the majority of the day is still spent in dreamland….. Sometimes you will see a young pup move and twitch and make sounds while it’s sleeping…. it makes you wonder what such a young pup would be dreaming about at this age !!

Abby continues to be a great mom – doting on their every need and never far from their side.   She actually took the liberty of spending a bit more time outside these past few days.  With the hot weather she readily welcomed an extended swim in the lake and loved playing ball with the others.  She had a very rough time following the surgery with the pain that can sometimes ensue with a C-section…. so it was wonderful to see her out running and enjoying the water with the others once again.

Abby on the right with good friends Daisy in the middle and Steele (far left).


The puppies opened their eyes around mid-week so that always marks an exciting stage of their development.   They are also becoming much more mobile in the whelping box and half scamper/crawl with excitement whenever they see Abby coming.   Of course – they LOVE mealtime !!   All of the puppies are gaining well and are quite content – even in the recent heat we have been experiencing.    They are a quiet bunch through the night…. often with puppies a loud chorus of whining and squealing can be heard in those early hours when stomachs are starting to feel empty !! 

We will look forward to watching them mature even more this week and will be adding more sights and sounds to their day as they start to spend more time interacting with the world around them.


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