Gulliver & Daisy Puppies – 8 weeks old …. Heading out for New Horizons

Life is good !

Hard to believe that here we are at that monumental 8 week post for Daisy’s pups.   What a fantastic 8 weeks it has been !!  I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to watch these 8 little lives unfold and it has been a pleasure to love them and care for them through this first chapter of their journey.

Every litter of puppies here at Dreamkeeper is extremely special to us — and of course within the golden retriever breed – you know you can always count on fantastic temperament, great character and adorable looks…. but each litter always has its subtle differences and individual strengths.

Daisy and Gulliver’s babies in particular have just been the most easy-going, contented, happy puppies I have ever known.    I think that even if the sky was falling or they had gone without food or water for countless days – they would have an enormous smile on their face and just be ready for whatever life was going to bring their way.    They are always ready for whatever each day brings and just love life.   Perhaps that is why Charlie has weathered the storm so well with his cleft palate.   He seems really quite oblivious to his handicap and is always ready for anything.   I am so glad that we chose to help him fight for life in those early days when things seemed so uncertain.

We have spent many hours by the water these last few days.   It has been quite warm and the pups just love to wade in the water and lay down to cool off.   Miss Yellow definitely takes the prize for being the first one to plunge right in and actually swim !!!    This is unusual at this age — as it is typical for our puppies to wade around and paw at the water – but generally swimming does not follow until a later date.    But obviously Miss Yellow didn’t know what the norm is – and just trotted straight into the water and kept right on going — dog paddle and all !!    

Our first departing puppy – Mr Red (fondly known now as Chudleigh) left for his new home today….   so already the bittersweet taste of goodbye is in the air.    Although I know that the puppies really need a family of their own once they reach this age — it is hard to say goodbye.    Each one has a special place in our family and it seems like saying goodbye is something I never get used to.     3 more puppies will be leaving on Wednesday — and the rest will depart gradually through the balance of the week.   Mr Purple will be leaving on Saturday to join Southeastern Guide Dogs…..    We hope and pray that he will do well in their program and that he will help to contribute to the invaluable, life-changing work that they do.

I hope our adopting families will keep us up to date as their new family members settle in and become everything they were destined to be….  Every time a puppy leaves – a piece of my heart goes too.    I wish each one of them the very best that life has to offer …. and most of all love beyond description.