Gulliver & Abby’s puppies – 1 week old !!

One week old -- the adventures are just beginning !

 This week has given a whole new meaning to the term “time flies”.    It’s hard to believe that Abby’s pups are already at the one week mark !!

The puppies are all doing well and gaining nicely.   They have almost doubled their birthweight now and mealtime is by far the most favourite part of the day for all of them!!    Even though the puppies at this age have no sense of sight or hearing – they have absolutely no trouble locating mum Abby whenever it is time for a snack.

Abby is doing a fantastic job as their mother.   It is often a difficult transition for a female following a C-section — and many first time mums have been known to reject their puppies when they miss out on the actual birthing process.    Abby wasn’t quite sure what to think for the first 48 hours — but she has completely accepted and embraced her new family and never leaves them for more than a few minutes (when it’s time for a potty break).  Even when I remove all the pups from the whelping box and place them in a warming  box while I clean the bedding and blankets — she stands right beside me watching over them.   She observes every move I make with complete scrutiny and she will  not take her eyes off of the pups until I have placed all of them carefully back inside her whelping box area.  She actually double checks to make sure I didn’t miss anyone !!

The puppies are all content and have started to gain mobility as they crawl around their bedding area.    It always amazes me how quickly they grow and how many milestones are reached and passed in these first few weeks.  By the end of the coming week their eyes will open and they will also gain their ability to hear.

For now most of the day is spent sleeping and snuggled up closely to each other or Abby.

It will be an exciting week to watch the puppies grow and develop — we will keep everyone posted on how things go  !!!!


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