Gulliver & Daisy Puppies – 7 weeks old

Miss Yellow wishing all our friends across the border a Happy 4th of July !!

The pups have continued to have a great week !!   We had lots of sunshine so it allowed us many hours outdoors enjoying the fresh air and time to explore their part of the world.     They all seem to love playing in the gardens and hiding in the bushes — and always seem to find some new treasure of special interest.

This week continued with much of the same as far as socialization — trying to introduce the pups to new people, new surroundings, new noises and experiences.     They all get along quite famously with no apparent tyrant in the bunch – but we still divide the pups from time to time just to give them a different social climate to play in.    

They continue to grow well and the boys are all weighing around 11 pounds and the girls noticeably smaller at around 9 pounds.   However – the girls are quite confident and outgoing and have no issues keeping up with their chunky brothers !!   All the pups are very sweet and gentle-natured – and love nothing more than to climb on my lap for a big cuddle at any given time….  (and with each passing week it gets harder to fit them ALL on my lap at the same time).  They love people of all ages….  and basically just love life !

Charlie continues to do well and has reached 5-1/2 pounds.  Our trip to the vet this week didn’t provide any answers yet as far as timeline for surgery etc — so right now it is just wait and see.    He is eating well and we have been a week now without a sinus infection (!!!) so I am thrilled at his progress.   I tried adding some Slippery Elm bark and Echinacea into his milk meals which seem to have helped the infections — so hopefully we can just keep moving forward.   He doesn’t seem to mind or notice that he is smaller than his siblings and is right in there playing and romping just like the rest of them ….  so we will just keep hoping that he continues to do well.

Tuesday we will be doing temperament testing and then by the end of the week we will go for first vaccinations to our local veterinary clinic.    We will also be spending time down at the lake to see who might be the strongest water dog of the bunch — and we will be squeezing a bath in there somewhere too so we can look our best for the first vet appointment.    We follow a more conservative vaccination schedule — which is better for the long-term health of the puppies… I will be sending this information out to all of our adopting puppy families shortly.

I am looking forward to this last, special week before the pups start heading out to their new homes.   I always wonder what life will hold for each one of them.    I hope that each one is loved and treasured – and that they will continue to bring joy into the lives of others — just like the joy they have brought into our home !!


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