Steele X Sophie Puppies – 8 weeks and on their way….

MOSES - Dreamkeeper Look at Me Now - at 8 weeks

Sorry for the late post…. it has been a busy day with many of our little pups heading out to their new homes.     We had an early start this morning to get to the airport in time for both Moses and Chase to head out on silver wings to meet their new families and begin their new lives.  Both boys handled the trip to the airport and the entire check-in and security process with great calm and cuteness….   Everyone in the cargo building wanted to take them home of course and they were instant stars with their beautiful faces and charming personalities.     Ever since 9/11 security has become a huge issue so it is a bit of a long process to get the pups passed for their “International” travel — but atleast Mr. Homeland Security let them keep their toys for company on the trip !!

The pups have had a great week – although it has been an extremely wet and rainy one !!  We spent more time than usual indoors this week – and most days it seemed like the puppies were wet for every waking hour — but it certainly didn’t seem to dampen their spirits.   They are so gentle and sweet and are always content no matter what the weather or agenda.     The pups had some extra trips this week in the truck and in crates to get them accustomed to travelling and also had lots of visitors and time to explore.    They are all social butterflies and very confident — it is a fun age to watch their reactions as they see and experience different people and situations for the first time.

So now we just have Leila, Sadie and Hunter still here — they don’t seem to really mind the absence of the others — I think they are maybe enjoying being able to have all the toys to themselves – as well as all the cuddles !!    

We will certainly miss these sweet litte Sophie sons and daughters — and we wish them many, many years of happiness and goodness as they head out to join their new families….   xo

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