Steele X Analiesa Puppies – 8 weeks old

Ready for the next chapter

We have arrived at that day that I always know will eventually come — but it is still bittersweet none-the-less.   It is always hard to say good-bye when you have spent the last 8 weeks nurturing and caring for such beautiful little puppies…. They have all warmed their way into our hearts and become such a big part of our family since the day they arrived.  But I also recognize that the puppies are all now reaching a stage where they need much more time than I can give them when I divide myself into 7 !

The pups had a wonderful week spending more time outside exploring and the weather was dry and beautiful so we had lots of opportunity to be outdoors.   My children’s friends always love to visit – so there is never a shortage of new faces and cuddles for everyone.   The puppies are all very social and welcome any and every opportunity to be with people !

Our first little pup left today from the airport.  Cooper was such a good sport and such a confident little fellow.   Absolutely nothing phased him as we took one last little jaunt through the parking lot to a grassy walking area while planes roared overhead and cargo trucks went rolling by.    He didn’t really like the fact that I was asking him to go back into a travel crate after just a short play period — but he only voiced his opinion for 10-15 minutes before laying right down and snuggling up with his toy.    Although all the pups have spent short periods of time in a travel crate over the past two weeks to become accustomed to it — they still tend to get a little vocal when they know they are separated from littermates and immersed in a new surrounding….      However – the whole bunch is very easy-going and happy — I know they will pass the transition into their new homes with flying colors.

The rest of the pups will be leaving over the next few days so it will be a busy time for baths and preparing all the necessary documents for the pups to travel.   It is exciting for me to think of all the great adventures that are in store for them….    I wish each and every puppy and their new families the very best as they begin this next new chapter together 🙂