Steele & Analiesa Puppies – 7 weeks old !

The 3 amigos

Analiesa’s pups have had a great week !  They are always up for an adventure and love spending time outside.   It is quite entertaining to watch them bounce through the grass and explore the world around them.   The simplest things will get their attention — a butterfly, a bug, a flower waving in the wind….    They are a beautiful family of puppies.

We have had lots of new experiences this week.   The puppies all enjoyed their trip to our vet for their first set of vaccinations.   I always take the puppies in to his office 2 at a time – so they have plenty of opportunity to interact with everyone and our vet (Dr. Van der Kraan) can get a good look at each one.    I am proud to say that all the puppies passed their physical exam with flying colors and he was quite impressed with their sweet and confident temperaments and excellent structure.    The boys are all weighing in around 12 pounds with the girls closer to 10-1/2 ….  so they are very strong and healthy pups with lots of coat and very stunning appearance.   The pups didn’t quite know what to make of the car ride at first but quickly settled in and snuggled up together in the crates.   They didn’t mind the vaccinations or microchip one bit – as long as there was a treat waiting for them 🙂

The pups have also spent some time interacting with the older goldens which both parties have enjoyed.    Of course the youngest ones – Sugar and Ace are always close by trying to sneak whatever food the pups leave behind…. which to their dismay is never so much as a crumb.    The pups are all good eaters and love mealtime.   They are also starting into that chewy stage — so we have added as many safe, chewable items as possible to their play area.

We also did temperament testing this week with great results.    I usually have a pretty good idea of where each puppy will end up even before we test – but it is still nice to have a concrete, objective method of assessing each puppy.   They all did very well in each are of the test – we use the Volhard temperament testing system which you can read more about at this link    The puppies all scored mainly 3’s and 4’s which is exactly the kind of puppy that I aim for.   Amazingly every one of the pups successfully returned the ball to the tester for the retrieval test….  I know they are in fact golden “retrievers” but this element of their personality is sometimes overlooked by some breeders.   However – it is this part of the personality that also demonstrates obedience and intelligence – so I am always especially thrilled when my puppies do well in this testing area.

The puppies are really a lovely group and we are enjoying every minute with them.    Won’t be long now and they will have a whole new chapter unfold….