Steele & Sophie Puppies – 4 weeks old !!!

4 weeks old and the world is their oyster !!

It really has been 4 weeks already (!!) since Sophie’s sweet little pups arrived in the wee hours of the morning !!   The puppies are really starting to become their own individuals now – interacting more with each other, their toys and surroundings, with us – their human family, and the whole world around them.

They are all very sturdy on their feet now and are starting to explore a little bit more all the time – especially when I set them outside of the whelping box for “clean-up” time !!   However – I am happy that they are not quite SO bold as to climb over the first gated level of the door that leads out of the whelping box !!   They are still quite content to be with each other and their favorite toys within the whelping box walls.   We did add an extended area onto the box this week so that the pups would have more room to play and romp. There is also a large news-papered area now where most of the pups go to instinctively for their bathroom duties.   It always amazes me that God has created them to be creatures of cleanliness by first choice — wanting to automatically keep their sleeping and cuddling area clean.

The biggest even of the past week has been the introduction of solid food — which is really just mush – but a big step up from the milk bar.   The pups began the week wearing most of their meals – and systematically licking if off each other – however they have really refined their eating habits and most of them have it down to a real art now !!    They sure do love their food – and their appetites are growing — so it is a good thing for Sophie’s sake that they have learned to enjoy some of the finer delicacies of life – like mush !!!  Over the next weeks this will become less mush-like until the puppies are eating regular kibble…

The puppies also welcome any familiar voice now and all come scurrying to quickly greet me whenever they hear that I am closeby.    There is not a nicer welcoming committee one could ask for !!   Such happy and gentle pups – with tails always wagging and just waiting for a pat or a cuddle.     It is a wonderful time to watch them grow and develop a longing for human love and attention.

We will continue to add more toys and new experiences for the pups this week so they will continue to learn.   And of course lots of SNUGGLES are high on the agenda!!  I am looking forward to another great week of adventures with them 🙂