Simson X Sophie Pups – Day 48 (Pre-parturition)

Sophie then (regular body condition) with Sophie now (at 7 weeks gestation)

Our beautiful Sophie continues to expand this week – with her abdominal area now measuring 90 cm. !!   The puppies are situated very high in Sophie’s abdominal cavity – so their location does make things visibly uncomfortable for Sophie from time to time – however frequent and moderate walks seem to be helping quite a bit.    Other than the walks, Sophie is most content to just lay at my feet and grows less interested in spending time with the others every day.    She is also starting to lose the hair along her stomach/abdominal area in preparation for the “milk bar” where the puppies will line up for a nourishing drink before long.  She is eating very well and continues to stay in good health.

The puppy fetuses themselves are developing their coat now and every aspect of their puppy features is becoming more pronouced.   Even whiskers will soon be visible !!    Needless to say we are all growing VERY excited for the big day.   We set up Sophie’s whelping box yesterday just so she can become acquainted with the area that will be her homebase once the puppies arrive.   We also decided to pull out our Christmas decorations yesterday – so lo and behold – Sophie will be right next to the Christmas tree !!   It will certainly make for a wonderful Christmas with Sophie’s pups practically underneath the tree.    My youngest son Josh quickly commented: “Won’t Santa be surprised !!”.     We will continue giving Sophie lots of TLC and plenty of R&R as the puppies’ arrival draws ever near 🙂