Sophie and Simson Puppies (41 days pre-parturition)

Puppy fetus at approx 39 days

The puppies continue to grow inside of Sophie’s expanding waistline and have almost doubled in size since last week’s post.   Their puppy features are continuing to become more pronounced and Sophie is visibly pregnant now.   As they mature the pigmentation of their skin is developing and within the next few days their nose will become clearly visible.

Sophie continues to do very well – although she is growing a bit less interactive with the others when it comes to playing and from time to time she gives Simson her two cents worth to stay away from her.     She loves any time that I spend with only her and is most content when she is glued to my side or laying at my feet.    She has lost her slim, trim physique and has a definite waddle in her walk these days.   Here is a comparitive photo of Sophie a few months ago and her new shape at 5.5 weeks gestation:

Sophie at 5.5 weeks gestation

Sophie has grown to 82 cm. in the abdominal area – I’m sure it will be quite awhile before she recognizes her own waistline again!!

As for our household… we are all growing quite excited about the arrival of Sophie’s pups as we head into the final 3 weeks.    As I reflect on Sophie’s own puppyhood days I am reminded of what an easy-going puppy she was and a complete joy.   I can hardly wait to have a houseful of special little pups just like their mum.   I am sure the next few weeks will just breeze by and look forward with great anticipation 🙂

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